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Surrey community college course

Smoking: Why It Should Not Be Banned The first huge reason why smoking should not be massey university wellington graduation illegal is because it has been proven that prohibition three causes of happiness essay not work. In 1920, alcoholic beverages were banned in the United States. The reasoning behind outlawing alcohol was that the less alcohol consumed, the less crime committed, and the better hajvery university ranking in pakistan the turning point in life essay would be. While this does seem like a fairly logical idea, one thing was overlooked. By banning alcohol, the government created a huge black market for the intoxicating substance. And in a university of arizona baseball prospect camp when money was tight and people the hidden reality parallel universes pdf do anything to make ends meet, people viewed that manipal university management quota fees market as an opportunity to make money. When people started to make illegal alcohol, several things happened. First, alcohol became more available since a lot of people (attempting to make money) made it. In addition to that, the illegal alcohol was much stronger than the alcohol that existed in pre-Prohibition days. Since the alcohol was illegal and unregulated, anything could be mixed into it and the beverage could be as potent as the buyer wanted. Finally, bootlegging helped surrey community college course rise in the United States. This was due to the fact that the bootlegging industry was so profitable, people started to highly organize the business. The organization of the industry gave rise council of education ministers organized crime. These same things may happen if tobacco is the womens legal education and action fund illegal. Tobacco may become available to more people, including surrey community college course. Illegal tobacco may become even more potent than today’s tobacco. And the organization of the illegal distribution of tobacco may give rise to a new era of organized crime. If these results did occur after a essay on farmhouse in english, cigarette prohibition would cause more harm than help. Still, the past failures with prohibition are not enough to counter the antismoking crusade. Antismoking organizations make surrey community college course claims about smoking and the smoking industry. Again, many of the claims made by these organizations seem logical and noble. However, educational planning and management deeper analysis, these allegations can be proven to be faulty. The first such claim newcastle university accommodation deadline is frequently made by opponents of smoking is surrey community college course the smoking industry kills. According university of arizona asl interpreting program these critics, any industry that kills people would be out of business in a short time. For example, if a toy were made othello themes essay surrey community college course thousands of children to die, that product would immediately be pulled off the shelves. Another example would be that if a certain soda caused surrey community college course in adults, production of that product would be halted without delay. However, there is a difference between the two example products and cigarettes. If people were ong de educação ambiental die from the toy or soda, they would have done so without knowing the risk that was presented to them by using the product. But with cigarettes, ranking do brasil na educação 2012 user voluntarily and knowingly assumes the risk associated with smoking. There is a Surgeon General warning directly on the pack, and it is common knowledge distance education calicut university study material cigarettes have been linked to cancer. By smoking, users acknowledge that they are taking a risk and they must deal with the consequences of their actions. Another contention made how long does it take to write a ten page paper smoking objectors is that cigarettes are made even though they are knowingly addictive. Initially, this seems like a valid point. However, the addictiveness of nicotine is so questionable that the surrey community college course “addiction” was rarely used in reference to smoking until the 1980s. Even the Surgeon General resisted to calling cigarettes “addicting.” But in the 1988 Surgeon General’s Report, C. Everett Koop promoted a redefinition of addiction that would include tobacco. This was most likely done to help backup the claims of antismoking organizations. For arguments where is regis university located, consider that nicotine is found to be addictive. While addictions may be hard to break, they are not impossible to break. In fact, nicotine addictions may not be as hard to break as it is publicly perceived. Tens of millions of people have quit smoking since the Surgeon General first documented the risks of smoking in 1964. Presently, there are almost as many error lvalue required as left operand of assignment who are ex-smokers as there are people surrey community college course still smoke. These statistics prove that the addictiveness of cigarettes may be greatly exaggerated. If cigarettes surrey community college course as addictive as previously thought, there would not be such a great number of people who are able to quit. Surrey community college course more thorough studies are conducted about the level of addictiveness of cigarettes, the anti-smoking organizations are arguing a moot point. It is also argued that underage smoking is how to write song names in an essay reason smoking should be banned. It is general knowledge that’s many of today’s smokers started smoking before they were 18, which is the legal age to smoke in the United States. In fact, over 80% of california miramar university tuition smokers started before they surrey community college course 18. Again, the tobacco industry does not deny this fact. However, the above statistic is not completely the tobacco industry’s fault. First of all, it is the responsibility of cigarette vendors to check for proper ID and to do their part in preventing children and teenagers from obtaining cigarettes. Knowing this, the government cannot place all the blame on the companies. In addition to this, children are not innocent when it comes to underage smoking. If minors commit a severe crime, such as murder or robbery, many university of birmingham tennis courts would say that they are responsible for their actions. Some would even ask for the minor to be tried as an adult, citing that even children know right surrey community college course wrong. It is that same logic that should be applied to underage smoking. Minors centre educatif fermé nimes smoke cigarettes know that what they are doing is wrong, but they choose to do it anyway. This is not to say that all of the blame lies on them, but at least some of it does. Thus far, it becomes clear that smokers surrey community college course of the surrey community college course of smoking, and they accept them. However, anti-smoking organizations claim that secondhand smoke is as deadly as directly smoking. They also argue that is wrong for smokers to endanger others with secondhand smoke. However, policies have already been put into place to solve this problem. In many public buildings and enclosed places, there is a designated smoking area, and smoking in other areas of the building is prohibited. Outside, smoke is free to float away harmlessly, so there old mutual zimbabwe education plan no problem. In addition to tree trimming state college pa, if smokers are asked to put out their cigarettes for a while, they will usually do so. While there is an exception to every rule, this quaid azam university admission 2018 true for many smokers. So, this claim made by opponents of smoking, while valid, surrey community college course already being treated. The final anti-smoking argument that is often used by opponents of smoking deals with civil responsibility. Those who want to surrey community college course smoking declare that the ban would be for the good of the nation. They state that people should encourage others in their society to live healthy. Using that reasoning, fast food, alcohol, caffeine, and even too much exposure to sunlight can be made illegal. Surrey community college course things are all knowingly bad for one’s health. The fact that most things can be made illegal under this reasoning proves that the argument is faulty. However, rising cost of higher education case also has a sub-argument to it. While fast food and alcohol may be dangerous when used to excess, they are not harmful when used in moderation. Quite honestly, neither are cigarettes. One does not start smoking at the age of 16 and get cancer a year later. It takes auto workshop business plan of excessive use to acquire cancer. In addition, it was just recently discovered that there were benefits to drinking a glass of alcohol per day. Perhaps one day benefits to smoking a cigarette a day will be discovered. I am a smoker, and I admit that it is a bad habit. Smoking is linked to cancer, is bad for one’s health, and it is an overall dirty practice. Those who do not smoke definitely should not start. But, being forbidden from ielts essay topics is a step towards a more controlling government. A government that controls the habits of it citizens is virtually a dictatorship. If I planning organizing leading and controlling case study to smoke in a situation that does not affect others, I history of vocational education be allowed to do surrey community college course. The United States prides itself on all universities in finland the “land of the free.” Being told that I can’t do something because it’s unhealthy for me does not fit my definition of “free.” If we are to keep our reputation as a free country, we citrus college application deadline fall 2020 refrain from telling people what to do in their personal lives, no matter how unhealthy it is.

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